I have had the wonderful opportunity to help the people listed below in achieving their goals.

Shawn Harris Life Coaching

Don’t let your life become a blur by losing focus and droning through your days hoping for the weekend. Make sure that you are focused on what you want and have help pursuing your goals.
Olympic athletes use a coach, as do successful business professionals, C level executives, as well as normal everyday people who are looking for more out of life.

Sometimes people need a mentor, or perhaps a business consultant or coaching life help. That is where I come in. A life coach adds new perspective and insight and lends a hand when you feel stuck, down, not moving, confused. Reach out for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit to look at your challenges and find a solution together. I am looking forward to helping you with your goals and celebrating your victories with you.

Statistics from the American Society for Training and Development show why working with a coach is far better than working alone. The data indicate that a person’s probability of achieving a goal increases from fifty percent to ninety-five percent when the plan for goal attainment is committed to another person and there is a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom the commitment was made.

I also offer Small Business Consulting for those looking to start or grow a small business.

Contact me today to see if I can assist you in achieving your goals. The initial consultation is free and I really look forward to helping you. I work with people who are seeking to shift their life to achieve personal growth and happiness.

Active or retired military receive a 25% discount on all services.


I have been incredibly fortunate to help many people achieve more in life. To make a paradigm shift in their thinking and to realign their life to be more in line with their higher self.

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5 Star Review

Working with Shawn has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. He’s always here for with positive…

Christina M.
5 Star Review

Shawn has changed my life, my families life and my business! Before I reached out to Shawn my business was struggling…

Aaron A.
5 Star Review

Shawn is very engaging. He is easy to talk to, insightful and presents as non-judgmental.

Yasmyn L.
5 Star Review

Shawn is extremely resourceful, knowledgeable, and he is always willing to go above and beyond to be able to help me…

Alex S Application Development Manager at COLAMCO, Inc.
5 Star Review

Shawn has worked wonders for me and the process has just begun! Rated excellent! Clifton L

Clifton L Dairy Manager Newport, NC