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10 Small Steps

I wrote the first 10 Small Steps book without thinking about doing a complete series but once people purchased it they came to me with all different kind of ideas. They actually still do, so if you keep reading well then I will keep writing.

If you are an aspiring author and want to learn how to self publish then my Kindle and Other Digital Publishing Outlets book is a how to guide on the self publishing process. It has screen shots and detailed instructions on how to publish to Kindle, Nook, IBook, and Kobo.

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I am working on multiple other books so check back often and if you have any ideas then send them over.

10 Small Steps: A short guide to finding more happiness

A short guide to finding more happiness. Small Steps in the right direction.

10 Small Steps: A short guide to improving your credit score.

A short guide to help in improving your credit score. Small steps in the right direction.

10 Small Steps: A short guide to being more successful.

A short guide to finding more success. Small steps in the right direction.


Shawn Harris

Shawn continues to write short Kindle books to assist people looking to live as that best version of themselves!
Feel free to reach out with any questions or even with book ideas.

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I am also a musician with multiple digital CDs on iTunes, Kindle Music, Google Play and other digital distribution channels. Below are links to my iTunes offerings.

Of Love & Loss

Of Love & Loss

Track Listing: 


Nowhere to go

In Time

Lost in You


A Touch of You

Far From Home

The Czar

Morning View

War’s Cost

It Ain’t Easy


Battle Call CD

Battle Call

Track Listing:

Can’t let Go

Cold Inside

The Gallows

Battle Call

Words to Say

She Said

Only Love Can Bring

Lonely Road

Seasons Anew




Track Listing: 


Crown of Thorns

Promised Land

Keeping Hope Alive

Fortune Lies Freedom

Fallen From Grace


Don’t You Know


Where Love Hides

Where Love HIdes

Track Listing: 



Where Love Hides

Tied to You


Guide Me Home

Holding On