About Me

Change Your Life for the Better!

I have been there; plagued with doubt, living a life where I wasn’t where I wanted to be and lost on how to get out of that drudgery and into a life of purpose. 25 years ago I owned a small company making a decent living as a business owner with a moderately profitable business, but not content about where my life was. I had dropped out of college and fallen into a life where I was happy but not fulfilled. I was not living to my potential and not sure how to get to the next level of life. I knew I wanted more but had no clue on what to do next and I could not figure out where to even look. Not even sure that I was capable of making a better life because of my inner doubt being stronger than my desire to change. Fortunately the universe kicked in and through some connections and family members I started down a path of learning that included Self-Help, Motivational books, Audio books and anything else that I could find along the way. This was what I was looking for and fueled my fire to build a better life and I became focused and driven on my goal of life improvement. From that point it was incredibly important for me to bring the best qualities of myself into what I did for a living and how I interacted with everyone around me. I looked for happiness and forged through what I needed to in order to achieve happiness and from that came success and a quest to continue to learn and grow. In other words I know the struggle of building a better life – A Life of Meaning and A Life of Purpose; a life where you are engaged and show up with the best of yourself every day.

I did it and so can you – actually everyone can with the right information and guidance. You can live a life or purpose and every day be grateful for living the life that you most want.

My Credentials

I have a Bachelors of Science Degree, as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration(MBA).

I am a graduate of iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Most of all I can help you build the life that you are looking for – a life where you live as the best version of yourself.

iPEC Certification

I am a Certified Professional Coach, also a certified NLP(Neuro-Linguistics Programming) Practitioner as well as a Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

Decide to be the best version of yourself everyday!

So many people that I talk to are stuck in a rut and afraid to set a vision for a life that they most want! They get stuck in the weeds instead of aiming for the stars. Set your goal high and taken action so that you continually move forward.

Aim for the stars so that you don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

Believe in yourself and work on creating the life that you most want. The limit for most people is their own mind and belief system.

What My Clients Say

For the past year, I have had the the wonderful opportunity to have Shawn as my career mentor. He is extremely resourceful, knowledgeable, and he is always willing to go above and beyond to be able to help me succeed. Shawn has taught me several new leadership techniques that I have applied at work and in the other areas in my life.

Alex S.

Application Development Manager , COLAMCO, Inc. - 1/23/2017

Shawn has changed my life, my families life and my business! Before I reached out to Shawn my business was struggling from various things, a decline in revenue being one and allowing my business to run me being the other. My confidence was at an all time low before meeting Shawn. Since having regular LIFE CHANGING meetings with Shawn my life has changed. I am more focused, I have delegated more time for MYSELF and my family. Shawn is a caring individual that will help you get your focus back. I HIGHLY recommend having Shawn as your coach!

Aaron A.

Owner - 7/05/2018

Working with Shawn has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. He’s always here for with positive support and really helped me change me outlook. I’m addition to helping me improve my attitude he’s gone out of his way to help me in my school processes. He surpassed my expectations.

Christina M.

- 7/14/2018